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SAP Promotion Management for Retail is a comprehensive solution for creating retail offers and preparing them for advertising to consumers.

If you are using a traditional database as your environment, see SAP Promotion Management for Retail 8.0 for documentation. If you are using SAP Customer Activity Repository as your environment, see SAP Promotion Management for Retail 8.0 on SAP Customer Activity Repository 1.0 for documentation.

This component allows you to create promotions in order to sell articles at lower-than-normal price. Promotions can be either for merchandise purchased at a particularly good price from a supplier or for inventory reduction.

You can create both retail promotions (for anonymous, off-the-shelf purchases) or wholesale promotions (with special pricing for known customers in your customer master data). Promotions are planned at the corporate level, with data being downloaded to various sites at the appropriate time.

If you plan to have wholesale promotions involving known customers, then for each such customer you must create the following records (ifthey do not already exist):

  • Customer master record
  • Site master record (maintained the same way as for retail sites)

This way, the same subsequent processing functions that are available for retail promotions are also available for wholesale promotions. The exact scope of a promotion and the results you expect to achieve can be carefully planned in advance.

The projected business volume – both for the promotion as a whole and for individual articles – can be planned in terms of key figures, such as purchase price, sales price, merchandise quantity, and logistic units (for example, pallets), and then compared with previous promotions.

Use this component if you want to:

  • Be able to override normal prices temporarily for certain articles for a certain period of time.
  • Plan and control promotions at the corporate level for various stores.
  • Automate various aspects of promotion processing
  • Monitor the success of a promotion real-time against the projected sales volume.
  • Better evaluate and fine-tune your promotion strategy by comparing past promotions to each other and to projected sales volumes.